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A community of professional women who want more!

The History Behind Our
Empowering COMMUNITY

PUP empowers professional women experiencing so much anxiety that it’s difficult to balance life to transform into a life of calm and confidence. We believe that every woman can succeed under pressure. There is no limit to what we can achieve and as a community, we strive to help each other. We are like that supportive friend you need when you feel under pressure as a woman.



What we stand for and where we are headed. This is us and we intend to keep our culture alive!.


The Prosper Under Pressure Community transforms professional women to stop feeling worry, fear, and doubt and start living a life of calm and confidence.


Prosper Under Pressure builds a community of professional women empowered to manifest a life of purpose, passion, and power.

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Are you a dedicated woman? Do you feel you can get more? Do you know you can be more and become a better you? If you are feeling there's more out there, then there actually is.

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