Strive to Set Trends in Your Career

Strive to Set Trends in Your Career

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Have you ever wondered what it means to be a trendsetter in your career? Do you ever desire to be a force to reckon with in your career? Have you ever thought that ‘what can I do to leave an indelible mark on the path of history in my career?’

We hear no man is irreplaceable, but the truth is no one can ever be like you. You should be the silver lining at all times in your organization because of your ability to think of the novel, innovative ideas that will push the company forward. If the “human computers” could stand out in NASA (then NACA), you too can stand out in your career.

Refuse to allow anything to limit your success mindset. Think about how to proffer solutions to problems that seem hard to crack in your field. For example, Marie Curie was the first woman, first person, and only woman to win a Nobel Prize twice for discovering the elements polonium and radium via the technique she invented for isolating radioactive isotopes. So, don’t give room for mediocrity or small thinking.

How to Stand Out as a Trendsetter in Your Career

#1 Be a good team player.

#2 Contribute to meetings and discussions.

#3 Be proactive and a good decision maker.

#4 Keep learning and improving on your soft and hard skills.

#5 Keep a positive mindset about who you are and your company.

#6 Take the lead when the need arises. Do not be afraid to handle a leadership position.

#7 Offer valuable ideas and suggestions that will elevate your organization.

#8 Be ready to go the extra mile to do things beyond your job that will grow your organization.

#9 Become one with your company. Let the vision and mission of the organization be a drive and motivation for you.

As a trendsetter, always keep what Milton Berle said in mind: “If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.”