Setting the Trends in the Career World Isn’t Gender-Biased

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The workplace is for everyone, and we will all be placed on the same pedestal, either male or female, so do not allow the fact that you are a woman to stop you from breaking the frontiers in your career.

Karen Lynch, the president of Aetna, said: “When I was being considered for a senior role, I was told on an evaluation to avoid wearing pink because it made me look too ‘girlish’… Indirectly, I was told my femininity was a barrier. Because of my outward appearance, they couldn’t see my internal strength. Regardless, I fought back and got the job. Ever since then, I’ve made it a point to wear pink.”

Be like Karen; never allow anything to stop you in the way of achieving your dreams. Always raise your head high and never lose sight of who you are.  You are a strong woman. Your femininity is one of your greatest strengths; never let it be a weakness.

Trendsetters Who Never Allowed Their Femininity Limit them in Career

#1 Rachel Kaplowitz, the CEO of Honey.

#2 Aarti Kapoor, Investment Banker for Moelis & Company.

#3 Melissa Warren, Partner and a leading Broker for TerraCRG.

#4 Jolene Creighton is the founder of the science website, Quarks to Quasars.

#5 Ellen Alemany, Chairman, and CEO of RBS Citizens Financial Group; Head of RBS Americas.

#6 Shiho Kawashima is an Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics at Columbia University.

#7 Sheryl Sandberg, Chief Operating Officer of Facebook; 10th Most Powerful Woman in the World (Forbes)

#8 Helen Gurley Brown, American Author, Publisher, Businesswoman, and Editor-in-Chief of Cosmopolitan magazine for 32 years.

Mae Jemison said, “Never limit yourself because of others’ limited imagination; never limit others because of your own limited imagination.”