Finding Your Balance as a Woman

Finding Your Balance as a Woman

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Women are often encumbered with so many roles, from being a wife to being a mother to being a career woman to pursuing academic goals and caring for old parents or in-laws. These numerous responsibilities can take their toll on you as a woman that you forget who you truly are. It can be overwhelming and scary sometimes, which is why you have to find your balance as a woman.

Signs That You are Stressed

If you notice any of the following consistently, then you are stressed:

#1 Loneliness

#2 Headaches

#3 Forgetfulness

#4 Mood Swings

#5 Lack of Focus

#6 Difficulty in Sleeping

#7 Anxiety and Depression

#8 Drug and Alcohol Misuse

#9 Anger and Other Emotional Outburst

#10 Disinterest in Sex and Other Things You Love to Do

How to Find Your Balance and Reduce Stress

Set Manageable Goals Daily

Write out all your responsibilities and obligations as a woman and set a daily goal. Prioritize the important activities and as for those that add no value to you, leave them for the last.

Be in Charge of Your Life and Time

Refuse to allow anyone to dictate your time; be in charge. Don’t go with everything everyone says. If it does not have a direct impact on your daily schedule, you can refuse it or reschedule for later. Don’t be afraid to say no.


Look through all your daily responsibilities as a woman and outsource those that can be carried out by someone else. You don’t have to do it all; learn to delegate. This will reduce your workload and help you focus on the very important things.

Do Not Procrastinate

Don’t shift activities that can be accomplished today till tomorrow. Tomorrow has its own responsibilities already. Be focused, get to work early, and get it done.

Have a Time Out

You are human and not a machine. Take time to rest daily. Go on holiday; relax and enjoy. Don’t fill your days all year round with activities without time to rest and have fun.

Don’t forget to keep a positive attitude in the midst of it all. When it looks like on the outside, everything is crumbling down, maintain your inner peace. Remember: no one is defeated until they have been defeated in their minds.