Top Fears That Are Holding You Back in Your Career

Top Fears That Are Holding You Back in Your Career

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Dear career woman, what is holding you back from getting your dream job or advancing in your career. Are you afraid of failure? Of more responsibility, or are you worried about letting yourself down?

Most times, the reason you give yourself as a woman for not going after that job you want or the raise you deserve all boils down to fears. Your fears often masquerade as something useful. They pretend to be shielding you while they are holding you back in reality. These fears include:

Fear of Failure

The fear of failure holds many women down. This is because society has conditioned women to believe they are not talented or good enough. But you should know that failure will make you learn, and many of the highly successful people in the world experienced failures at different points, and it launched them ultimately onto the path of success.

Fear of Judgment

Applying for a better job or asking for a promotion is applying to be judged by people. You become worried about whether you are good enough, smart enough, experienced, or creative enough to get what you want. If you allow this fear to control you, you may shy away from great opportunities or chances to grow your career.

Fear of Rejection

As humans, we are social creatures; as a result, one of our deepest fears is being rejected where we want to be accepted. Whether you are afraid of asking a friend for a referral or seeking help, the fear of no often holds you back from even making the request. But if you don’t ask, the answer will always be no.

Fortunately, you can always overcome these fears. The first step is by recognizing that even though these fears are valid, they are irrational. Once you’ve identified the fears that are holding you back, you can start to move past them.