Self-Doubt: How to Move Past the Fear Holding You Back at Work

Self-Doubt: How to Move Past the Fear Holding You Back at Work

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Some women seem to have it all together. You know their type, the bubbly employee who is always ready to talk at meetings, share ideas and take on new projects. Their can-do nature convinces people around them that they are an asset. This is because they have embraced one feeling that many women struggle with—confidence.

Many women often suffer from limited self-belief. They believe they don’t deserve their achievements or their job. However, you need to overcome those fears, doubts, and worries and do it afraid. To succeed in your career, here are ways to beat your fears and doubts:

1. Take Responsibility for Your Fear

It is very important to take responsibility for overcoming your fears because only you can do it. You can have all the mentoring and read all the self-help books, but if you don’t take 100% responsibility, you can’t change. You have to give yourself the chance to step into your full potentials.

2. Avoid Negative Talk

As women, we are good at saying negative things to ourselves. Until you start to use positive language to talk to yourself, it might be difficult to overcome your fears and doubts. Control your inner critic and say no to negative self-talk

3. Stay Away from Toxic Influences

It is necessary to remove negative people from your life. Negative friends or people who consistently look down on you can destroy your confidence. Overcoming your fears is about having the courage and motivation to remove negativity for your benefit.

4. Own Your Voice

Who told you that you can’t be awesome, talented, and intelligent as a woman? You don’t need to engage in self-deprecating humor. Instead of downplaying your intelligence because you are doubtful of yourself, present your ideas without questioning your worth. Use your voice because confidence is created and not given.

The sooner you try to move past your fears, the faster you will change your life and begin to see the advancements you’ve been dreaming about.