How to Keep Motivation Alive at Work

How to Keep Motivation Alive at Work

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The beginning of 2021 was likely smooth for you. Hours at the gym, killing it at work, and being super motivated about your New Year resolutions. How’s march looking? If you’ve lost that motivation, you need to know you’re not alone. Statistics reveal that more than 50% of people forget their New Year resolutions after January.

Life happens. However, one place you shouldn’t lose motivation is at work. Your work is your source of livelihood, and you shouldn’t slack there. Here are four tips on how to keep your energy high at work:

1. Start Your Day on a Positive Note

Have you ever noticed a difference in your day when you start with a delicious cup of coffee, and you take your time to get ready as opposed to moments when you wake up late, and you have to rush to work? When you start your day on a positive note, it prepares you for efficiency, speed, and positivity at work. Wake early and improve your morning routine with:

  • A Workout
  • Listening to inspirational podcasts or playing upbeat music
  • Write down the things you’re grateful for

2. Be with Positive People

We’ve all been close to people who are overly critical of everything. While it is easy to accept what they say with a pinch of salt, hearing a lot of negativity can make you feel bad about yourself. Surround yourself with positive women who are always inspired to say great things.

3. Celebrate Little Wins

When you achieve a set goal, or you are applauded by a boss at work, celebrate it. If you are waiting for a long-term win, you can easily lose sight of your small achievements. It is harder to stay motivated when the end goal is far from sight.

4. Know When to Take A Break

How can you stay energized when you keep working without adequate rest? Burnout is inevitable. Know when to switch off work mode. Rest, spend time with friends and recharge for work.

Staying motivated as a professional woman sounds great. However, it requires effort. Take these tips to heart and try them today.