4 Reasons Why Building Connections is the Best Career Shortcut

4 Reasons Why Building Connections is the Best Career Shortcut

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It is time to start embracing building connections. This is more than a generic introduction at conferences and meetings. When you build diverse connections based on shared interests and goals, you will be more successful in your career.

Networking is different from connecting with people. The idea of networking is to interact with people to share information and contact, especially to enhance your career. However, a connection is a relationship that happens as a result of networking successfully.

As a woman, you should widen your horizon; no one is too small or too big to connect with. The kind of connections you should be making is not limited to your career alone. Explore; meet new people that are not even in your career field. The power of diverse connections is priceless and a must-have for every woman. Here are the top reasons you should have diverse connections:

1 New connections open doors to new business

Building connections can mean new prospects and, ultimately, new clients. Those that need your services are not the people in your field. They are those outside the scope of your career. Try Building Connections with them! They give you an advantage you might not have access to in the first place.


2 Referrals For Building Connections

Referrals help to sustain a business. When you make connections that refer you to prospective clients, it’s a win-win situation. Connections always look out for one other because they believe in one another.


3 Strategic partners

Your connections can become investors in your business. They might also give you the right advice for managing your company, making financial decisions, and relating with your employees. Having a vast network gives you different options and access.


4 Lasting friendships and alliances

The relationship does not end at improving your career. It develops into friendships and life term partnerships


“It is through the strength of what is genuine that meaningful connections build into relationships” – Michelle Tillis.

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