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Master courses to help you navigate your way even under pressure.


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Occasional meetups. Get to hang out with women who are determined to succeed.


PUP empowers professional women experiencing so much anxiety that it’s difficult to balance life to transform into a life of calm and confidence. We believe that every woman can succeed under pressure. There is no limit to what we can achieve and as a community, we strive to help each other. We are like that supportive friend you need when you feel under pressure as a woman.


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As a professional woman of color, you may have had a complicated relationship with your career journey throughout your life.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Prosper Under Pressure membership is an online community for professional women experiencing so much anxiety that it is difficult to balance life.

In the community, you’ll discover amazing resources such as monthly masterclasses to guide you through your success path while developing calm and confidence. These masterclasses include mindset masterminds, confidence-building activities, and strategies to balance your family, career, self- care, and overall life— AND MUCH MORE.

You will build connections with other supportive women in the PUP Community, experts, and me. 

If you experience anxiety that has kept you stuck from successfully and happily moving ahead in any area of your life, the PUP Community will provide you with the tips, tools, and team you need to LEVEL UP.

The PUP Membership Community understands the feelings and emotions you feel while others think you are and should be okay. The Prosper Under Pressure Membership is for the professional woman or aspiring to be a professional woman who desires and deserves consistent connections, empowering support, and structured guidance to stay on your success path— whether you have been successful already or not sure of which direction to take.

The Prosper Under Pressure Membership Community lives within the membership portal. You can log in whenever you want to access all of the masterclasses, videos, recordings, guidebooks, and more. The portal is compatible with your computer, smartphone or tablet.

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There is no set schedule to consume membership components. You can visit and replay as much as you want or as much as you can. Professional women are busy so the time you spend in the portal is up to you.

You can attend the live sessions of the masterclasses, Q & As or Facebook community conversations, or any other engagement as often as you want.

You can not fall behind. Take your time to saturate and utilize the information in a way that supports your journey along your success path.

Remember: This journey to success and overcoming your anxiety to reach a balanced life of calm & confidence is totally yours.   

The Prosper Under Pressure Membership makes the experience absolutely easy & stress-free so that you are on track for your growth and prosperity.

All of the content is always available in your membership portal waiting for you to access. You can review any masterclass, Q & A, bonus session, group meeting, etc.  at any time.

The PUP Membership Community s flexible to your lifestyle and schedule.

Absolutely yeah! The PUP Membership Community is for anyone who wants to journey down a successful path to MORE! Whatever you MORE may be… The PUP Community has you covered.

If you fit into the PUP Community’s mission of empowering professionals to gain MORE…

{more vacations, more self-care, more confidence, more peace, more promotions, more family time, more boldness, more accomplishments, more self- worth or whatever MORE you desire and deserve}.

The PUP Community is designed to provide a deeper understanding of yourself and others around you that are key in successfully balancing your life.

The #1 goal you need is a desire to learn how to get what you desire and deserve out of life.

CLARITY: Gain a clear understanding of your current mental anxiousness and how it causes other areas of your life {career, family, self, spiritual, friends} to function out of balance. Stop living in discombobulation and smooth out the rough pressures in your that hinders your feelings of calm and confidence and your ability to balance your life.

MANAGE YOUR FEELINGS OF ANXIETY: Discover what causes the worry, fear, and doubt that intensifies the imbalance in your life and result in life is too much to handle.

ESCAPE WORRY, FEAR, AND DOUBT: Transform those anxious feelings and emotions into the magnetic energy you need to LEVEL UP in life. Learn why it is easy to lose control of your life and how to regain control so that you live life with calm and confidence.

DEVELOP A BALANCED LIFESTYLE: Learn the art of balancing your life and the benefits of a balanced lifestyle. Discover how managing the components of your life is an advantage of professional women who continue to thrive and survive above the glass ceiling.

A huge community heartfelt welcome! The PUP Membership Community deepens your insight on the effects of anxiety and other mental anguish of juggling all of the areas of your life as a professional woman. The PUP Community gives you support, guidance, inspiration, structure, a success path, and a community.

The Prosper Under Pressure Membership Community embraces and answers all of your worries, fear and doubt about your purpose, thoughts, and commitment to yourself and what you desire and deserve.

You sign up for a monthly membership. The monthly dues are non- refundable, but you can cancel anytime without penalty. Just contact member@prosperunderpressure within 7 days before your next bill due date. Once the cancellation has been processed, all access is closed and reoccurring billing is canceled immediately.


"I really learned a lot about goal-setting and I'm about to write my goals down again that I put on the back burner long ago. It's past time for me to get serious."
"Thanks for this opportunity and looking forward to it already."
"Thank you for having me, I am looking forward to participating in and supporting the other beautiful women in the group already."
J.W. V.

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